Oh Gurl, you better werq the world!

Who’s ready for a drag show like no other?

The moment that Werq The World was confirmed as returning to the UK this October, well momma when we say we let out a high pitched scream of joy, we ain’t joking bitch!

It’s no secret that we’re massive fans of RuPaul’s Drag Race (who isn’t let’s be honest) and it feels like queer Christmas every year when this incredible tour is announced.

Gags, goops and slays loading…

Shall we spill some Werq The World Tea?

The Cast

This year we’re being served some cyberpunk realness from an incredible selection of killer queens, all ready to take you on a journey out of this world!

Naturally the cast will change a little as the show tours, so make sure you check out the Voss website for updates in each city if you’re thinking of attending.

For our fellow European citizens we’re pleased to announce that you can look forward to seeing the likes of Angeria Paris VanMicheals (S14), Aquaria (S10), Bosco (S14), Daya Betty (S14), Ginger Minj (S7, AS2 and AS6), Jaida Essence Hall (S12 and AS7), Kandy Muse (S13 and AS8), Rosé (S13) and Vanessa Vanjie Mateo (S10 and S11).

Here’s a cute little visual just for added affect:

The Show

The incredible team at Voss events gather a fierce selection of drag race alumni to effectively create a drag supergroup ready to show their skills around the globe.

You’ll recognize some familiar faces such as Asia O’Hara, Jorgeous, Plastique Tiara and Yvie Oddly alongside those we’ve already name dropped above.

Each year the show tells a story and features so many fabulous elements that will keep you fully enticed and on the edge of your seat.

Werq The World is no cute little lip sync in a bar honey, this is a fully produced show that truly puts the spotlight on some of the most talented acts in the business.

It probably goes without saying but there will be some incredible costumes on display, but we’re just gonna mention it anyway. Be prepared to gag on some of the finest eleganaza this side of galaxy and snap those fingers baby!

Did someone say choreography?

Well duh, we got some incredible dancers up in this gig after all!

You’ll be itching to join in with the finest splits, twirls, poses, spins, dips and full out routines that you’ll see this year.

Comedy, reveals, gaggery and incredible facial expressions – check!

These aren’t just a set of beautiful beings after all, they got some stunts and tricks hidden up their perfectly fitted and often puffy sleeves.

How about some totally dramatic and seductive lighting effects?

Seriously though, the visual appeal is outstanding.

Just for some final confirmation as to how beautiful a set up the show has, you can remove every element of colour and it’s still absolutely gorgeous in black and white….. maybe even more dramatic too!

Interview with a (stunning) Vampire

We had the absolute pleasure of being able to send over some questions to the gorgeous trans icon, glamour ghoul and resident queen of burlesque, Bosco.

Strap in, we’re going for a ride!

GURL: How has life been since season 14?

Bosco: Wild! I can afford to go to the dentist!

GURL: Have you got a favourite memory from touring so far?

Bosco: Spending a few days off in Santa Fe with Willow, Lady Camden, and Yvie Oddly. We rented a cabin in the middle of the desert. Chaos ensued.

GURL: Is there a particular city you’re most looking forward to visiting on the UK leg of the tour?

Bosco: London is one of my favourite cities in the world 🖤🖤

GURL: Do you have any hints to share regarding your performances at werq the world?

Bosco: Imagine if Trinity from the Matrix did an entire homage to Madonna choreographed by Paula Abdul

GURL: Who is the biggest troublemaker in the cast?

Bosco: Lady Camden is a monster that can run off of stale beer and 2 hours of sleep a day

GURL: Could you offer any advice to our beautiful young trans community?

Bosco: Wear sunscreen. Invest in your future, the world needs you here❤️‍🔥

GURL: If you could make one change in the world right now, what would it be?

Bosco: I would make it so every terf now has gender dysphoria

GURL: What are your plans post-tour?

Bosco: Working on my own programming and shows! I have a variety show that I’m working on and want to start really get started on my one woman show.

In case that wasn’t enough, let us just take a moment to remind you just how undoubtedly breath-taking Bosco is with these shots by Marco Ovando as further temptation.

Count me in, where do I get tickets?

You can grab yourself a ticket to not only the UK/Ireland tour but all of the fabulous countries worldwide by clicking the super subtle link below and choosing your destination.

>>>> Werq The World Tour Tickets <<<<

We hope to see some of you in Newcastle on October 13th and for the rest of you, enjoy the tour in your local city and keep supporting drag in all forms!