A Traitor Among Us

You know what’s really underrated?

A good murder mystery night of course.

Well we want to introduce you to a wonderful local company who are producing some fantastic evenings to scratch our detective itches and keep us entertained.

But that’s not all, they’ve got an extra special event coming up soon and well, we just felt it was right to give you the inside scoop.

Grab your magnifying glasses gurls, we’re off to solve a mystery!

The Company

Tall Tales Mysteries is a fabulous company led by Sara West who writes and directs the mysteries herself and just like us, they’re based in the North East.

With a well established name, selling out shows both locally and around the UK, the company has been running for over 6 years now and trust us, they’re not going to be getting killed off any time soon.

Whether you fancy tackling a mystery at home, in a hotel or even in the great outdoors, they have a little something for everyone and are no strangers to bringing a captivating story to life. Fancy dress is fully encouraged if you’re so inclined, but you’re welcome to be an undercover agent too.

Their latest production is something very special and we’re ready to tell you all about it.

A Traitor Among Us

So we’re all big fans of BBC hit The Traitors right, that’s not even a question is it?

Well the wonderful Sara has written a brand new mystery set on “Traitor Island” where an all stars case of the shows previous winners (and maybe some other guests) have gathered to try and become the ultimate champion of the show.

Now what happens if you put a bunch of traitors on an island?


I mean that’s obvious right? It’s a murder mystery night after all.

With each of the characters having their own secrets and a thirst for the win, it’s gonna be no surprise when a dead body shows up in the round table room.

Through a keen eye, some sleuthing and getting our best Miss Marple on it’s going to be the audience’s job to figure out exactly who is trying to deceive them and get away with murder (shout out to Annalise Keating).

With an element of audience participation, interaction with the cast and prizes for those who crack the case, this is sure to be one hell of a night.

You can expect drama, comedy, plot twists, sneaky behaviour and a whole load of fun, so there’s truly nothing that won’t be enjoyed on the night.

Oh and before we forget, there’s a three-course meal too!

We’re already packed for a trip to Traitor Island, are you?

The Cast

Now what would a murder mystery be without the all important cast?

Hosting the Traitors Island show will be Philippa Bucket (Kathryn Sabourn), alongside ex-contestant turned producer Holden Doors (Rodd Glenn) – both of which are naturally not to be trusted and are definitely on our suspect list.

Amy Stake (Viv Wiggins) and Lulu Katmey (Sadie Stewart) will also take their places on the island, each one bringing a sense of mystery and trying to keep their secrets under wraps. It’s not going to be easy catching the killer.

The cast will be interacting with the audience in full character, trying to throw the scent off themselves whilst dropping some subtle hints toward the culprit…or culprits.

A Special Guest

In case it wasn’t obvious from the cover photo, the cast are being joined by a real life star of The Traitors and the Welsh Dragon herself; Amanda Lovett.

That’s right, our favourite momma will be making her debut within the Tall Tales cast as Amanda Moon, a role that was quite literally made for her.

We caught up with her to have a little chat about the mystery:

GURL: Are you Excited to throw the cloak back on and get into character?

Amanda: I’m unsure if I will be wearing a cloak yet as my character is Amanda Moon, although I’m very very excited to be involved in the murder scene again!

GURL: Have you been part of many murder mysteries before?

Amanda: I have only hosted murder mystery events in my house previously which were great fun

GURL: How has it been working with the Tall Tale Mysteries team? 

Amanda: Tall tale mysteries are such a talented group of professionals both acting and writing its amazing to be around such a bunch of fun people too

GURL: What are you most excited for on the night? 

Amanda: It will be my first event so I’m excited to see how the story unfolds and how many of the audience will guess the true killer

The Event

So by now you must surely be convinced to come join us on the night, but it would probably help if we gave you the details right?

A Traitor Among us will be held at the Holiday Inn at Newcastle-Gosforth park on Saturday September 30th. Guests will need to arrive at 7pm for a 7.30pm start and the beginning of a wonderful night, including that 3-course meal.

All you need to do is click here and grab yourself a ticket.

We hope to see you there!