Spotlight: Toni The Doll

GURL: Introductions first, who are you?

Toni: Heya My Names Tonithedoll, i think would describe me as bubbly, genuine and a little shy. I’ve been doing drag makeup and fashion since I was 14 and recently got into performance.

GURL: Where did the inspiration for your drag aesthetic come from?

Toni: My drag comes from my love of performance costumes and hyper feminine and sexual imagery. People like The Pussycat Dolls, Nicki Minaj and designers such as Hayden Williams who has amazing illustration inspire how I present myself on stage. 

GURL: Now there’s a lethal mixture of influence right there, fierce dancer realness for your nerve.

GURL: What’s your favourite thing about drag?

Toni: My favourite thing about drag is it’s just an amazing form of self expression, it’s really an extension of who I am and a gateway for me to express myself and have fun This is why I love and look at everyone’s drag with a new set of eyes because drag really is freedom for everyone to express themselves and have Fun.

GURL: Who do you dream of working with?

Toni: Oooo I have two answers really, in terms of my background with fashion I’d love to work with people such as Zero waste Dan I think it’s amazing he creates costumes and fashion from scraps that would have damaged the environment

Performance wise I’d have to say the pussycat dolls as they are my name sake and I grew up dancing to them in my room so it would be so full circle.

GURL: Share one of your looks with us?

Toni: My most noticeable look is probably my pink floral bodysuit which a lot of people said was one of the best looks they’ve seen in Newcastle, which was a massive compliment.

It really did not express my drag at it’s full form.

GURL: The definition of Pretty in Pink <3

GURL:  You’re in a lip sync for your life – which song guarantees you’ll win?

Toni: Make me feel by Janelle Monáe. It’s got this 80s kinda vibe, the way I’d describe it as a female version of Kiss by Prince one of my favourite artists, but I could definitely just be myself to that song, dancing with fans, flipping around the stage.

GURL: Yaaaas come through Janelle, what a babe!

GURL: It’s Disney week – who do you theme your performance around?

Toni: Disney week would definitely have been Kaa from the jungle book, done some creative snake makeup and went for a snake charmer, belly dancing with veils type of vibe. Still looking to do that number somewhere so we shall see.

GURL: Oh you’ll have to let us know when you’re doing that one, we’ll absolutely be there.

GURL: Outside of drag, what are you normally doing to pass time?

Toni: Out of Drag, I spend a lot of time at the gym keeping fit and studying. I’ve just started university so that will be taking a lot of my time up soon.

GURL: What are your plans for the future?

Toni: I really don’t know. I’ve never plan my future because I don’t think anyone really can. I’m definitely going to be travelling and have a few catwalks and photo shoots planned but other than that I have no idea what the next chapter of my life holds.

GURL: Doesn’t harm to have a few plans in the diary, especially when they involve catwalks!

GURL: Give us 3 of your favourite people to follow!

Toni: My top 3 have got to be Karma Valentine, she’s an amazing makeup artist and such a good friend. Hayden Williams the designer I mentioned earlier and Tahani Al-Jamil, she’s an amazing spokesperson and we have similar morals, I’m one of these people who try my best to spread kindness because there’s just not enough of it. I just want everyone to be my friend.. and I think she’s the same 

GURL: Fabulous! Thank you for the recommendations 🙂

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