The Biggest Disco!


Any fellow 90s/00s kids in the building?

Well if we do then buckle up, cos we’re got one hell of a night for you!

Let’s talk Biggest Disco for a hot minute.

The Event

We all love a bit of nostalgia and throwing things back to a time in our lives where dancing the night away with a glowstick in one hand and a VK in the other was peak joy right?

Well we just happen to know of an event that could take you right back to that exact lifestyle and allow you to relive your best life with some legendary performers.

Biggest Disco is an incredible night, bringing you the absolute hottest 90’s and 00’s party of the year without any shadow of a doubt. Picture this, you’re in a room with thousands of other excitable folks, rocking your best throwback outfits (we sense a lot of denim and neon), the light of the disco ball shining across the ceiling and some total bangers blaring over the speakers. But “who am I waiting to see on stage?” we hear you ask, great question!

The November events will feature a stacked line-up of acts you’ll probably still have kicking around your night out playlists, the type you can’t resist singing along to at the top of your lungs when shuffle blesses you with that sweet nostalgia. Without further introduction:

Vengaboys will be headlining the night alongside 2 Unlimited, Basshunter and Eiffel 65 with some fantastic chart topping icons such as; DJ Sash, Alice DJ, Haddaway, N Trance, Urban Cookie Collective, Baby D, Cappella and smooth movers, Phats & Small and Dario completing the amazing party forward line-up.

Naturally as it’s a Biggest Disco event you can expect a high energy and truly electric night that is packed with tonnes of special effects, confetti, fireworks and all the right positive vibes to truly transport you back in time with style.

An Interview With Basshunter

One of our highlights of the line-up is a late 00s fave or ours who we’re sure we don’t need to remind you brought us such full volume bangers as “Now You’re Gone”, “All I Ever Wanted”, “Angel in The Night” and “Every Morning”.

We are of course talking about the wonderful Basshunter, who we had the chance to chat with ahead of the Biggest Disco to see what he’s been up to!

(Side note; yes he has indeed aged like a fine wine)

GURL: How has life been treating you recently?

Basshunter: Life is good, been on tour for the last 6 months so can’t wait to get home on Sunday!

GURL: What’s it like still getting a massive hype from a crowd when you play the classics from more than a decade ago?

Basshunter: Its great to see so many young faces in crowds who would have been young kids at school when my tracks were Number 1 in the charts.

GURL: Who are you looking forward to working (and partying) alongside at the Biggest Disco in October?

Basshunter: I am good friends with the Vengaboys, so always great to see them on the road.

GURL: Could you give us any exclusive hints toward you set list or stage plans?

Basshunter: I sing all the biggest chart hits of mine in English, I don’t usually sing my Swedish releases as people in the UK wont understand them lol.

(Gurl note: We still love Dota and fully recommend a listen)

GURL: Have you got a dream dance act from the 90s/early 00s you’d love to collaborate with?

Basshunter: Not really, I have been in the studio with a few acts from that time but nothing came from those sessions…who knows what’s coming next

GURL: What is the wildest experience you’ve had since rising to fame?

Basshunter: Haha, too many to mention. I keep saying I need to write a book, when you have toured over a 70 countries and been on the road for 15 years you do get to see a lot of crazy things.

GURL: Should we expect new music from you any time soon?

Basshunter: Yes, I have released some new music earlier this year. “End The Lies” is my latest release, CHECK IT OUT!

GURL: What are your goals for 2024?

Basshunter: To release more new music and have some big tours in the planning!

Get me to the Biggest Disco now!

The Biggest Disco is coming to two great UK venues this weekend, so now is the time to say “fuck it”, call you pals and plan yourselves a trip like no other!

You can hit up the Leeds (First Direct Area) on November 10th by clicking here or head on over to Glasgow (OVO Hydro) on November 11th by clicking here.

If you can’t make it or fancy looking at future events, we’d highly recommend keeping an eye on Biggest Disco, we have a subtle feeling there’s a lot more to come.

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