Drag Race UK Season 5: Start your engines!

RuPaul’s Drag Race UK is back!

International drag icon RuPaul and a jam packed judging panel of stunning legends are here to find the UK’s next drag superstar.

The multiple award winning competitive reality show famed around the world for its fierce queens, fierce looks, fierce humour, fierce lip syncs, and fierce heartbeat is about to explode back onto the BBC.

Hold onto your knickers gurlies, we’re going for round 5!

Start your engines, as a brand new cast of queens stake their claim for those all exclusive Ru Peter badges and fight for mother’s seal of approval in order to snatch the crown and earn the ultimate drag accolade of being the UK’s Next Drag Race Superstar.

As always the queens will compete in a variety of challenges and runways to slay the house down and avoid lip syncing for their life or worse, being asked to sashay away!

The Queen of Drag, Mama Ru will deliver the ultimate verdict on who shantays or sashays away, but she won’t be riding solo. Ru is joined on the judging panel by our favourite aunt Michelle Visage, an extra special celebrity guest judge and naturally our UK legends Graham Norton and Alan Carr will be back on a rotational basis, like a super camp revolving door.

Our incredible list of guests this season include:

Aisling Bea, Alexandra Burke, Carol Vorderman, Claudimar Neto, Cush Jumbo, Daphne Guinness, Edward Enninful, Joel Dommett, Karen Hauer, Kristen McMenamy, Sophie-Ellis Bextor, Suranne Jones and Yasmin Finney

The Queens

We all love a good celeb guest but let’s be honest, the season is all about the queens, they are the ones competing after all. So without further ado, let’s see who we’ve got snatching weaves and throwing beads this season!

(28, LONDON)

Pronouns out of drag: He/Him
Pronouns in drag: She/Her

What’s an Alexis Saint-Pete show like?

If you come to my one of my shows, you’ll definitely see a big production! I love to bring a lot of storylines to my shows. You’ll see energy, splits, kicks, turns, tricks… I’ve got it all.

Why drag?

I just love how feminine and free I feel. Drag has helped me in my journey with my identity and so I don’t feel like a character when I go into drag. I feel like me.


Pronouns out of drag: They/Them
Pronouns in drag: She/Her

What are your drag inspirations?

My inspirations originate from fashion in the early 90s to the 2000s. I love Thierry Mugler, Vivienne Westwood, Jean Paul Gaultier and Paul Galliano. I love researching fashion and then finding a way to make it work on my body.

You’re from the same Manchester drag family as Drag Race UK finalist, Cheddar Gorgeous. Tell us more?

Yes, I’m of the Family Gorgeous and I like to describe myself as the bin baby of the family – I run around being a bit of a prat.

(26, LONDON)

Pronouns out of drag: She/Her
Pronouns in drag: She/Her

Why RuPaul’s Drag Race UK?

Because I’m at the top of my game. I serve amazing looks, I perform the hell out of anything and I bring main character energy to the game. I want to show the world who I am. It’s very important to me because when growing up, I never saw any black trans women on TV, and now I get a chance to represent black trans women. Although, I’m seriously shaking in my boots at the thought of performing in front of my idol RuPaul! But hey, I’m mostly fearless, so let’s do it!

(20, KENT)

Pronouns out of drag: He/Him
Pronouns in drag: She/Her

Describe your drag in five words?

Polished, ridiculous, gargantuan, stupid and boobs!

What is a typical DeDeLicious show like?

You can’t keep your eyes off me. I like to be camp and stupid. I’m all about the facial expressions and jumping around. I want to be up in the crowd dancing and having a great time! I’ve done gigs in LA, Ibiza and the iconic London Palladium. I just can’t get enough. The stage is exactly where I belong.


Pronouns out of drag: He/Him
Pronouns in drag: She/Her

Describe your drag in five words?

Well-seasoned but not salty!

How did you get into drag?

I’ve been doing drag for about 15 years now. I wrote a radio play as part of my university degree that was based on an older woman from the Northeast, and I couldn’t find anyone to play the part so I did it and then my drag career just snowballed from there! The theatre is where I love to be. I write and direct theatre shows too and I absolutely adore it.


Pronouns out of drag: They/Them
Pronouns in drag: She/Her

Tell us about your drag name?

My drag name comes from my favourite artist of all time, Kate Bush. I love Kate Bush because just like her, I’m quirky, theatrical and just do my own thing!

How did you get into drag?

I first did drag at the age of six when I begged to be the pantomime Dame in my school play. It was the first time that I realised I could make people laugh and wear a wig whilst doing it!


Pronouns out of drag: He/Him
Pronouns in drag: She/Her

How does it feel to be a Ru girl?

I am so excited for this ride. It’s going to be everything. I’ve waited my whole life for this and I’m bringing my endgame. This is going to be the best series of Drag Race UK ever!

When did you start doing drag?

I was about 22 when I started in drag. I started off with chapstick and mascara. I look back at the pictures and I just cringe, but we’ve all got to start somewhere and this gorgeousness didn’t just happen overnight!


Pronouns out of drag: He/Him
Pronouns in drag: She/Her

Where does your drag name, Miss Naomi Carter come from?

Well, ‘Naomi’ comes from the absolute icon that is supermodel Naomi Campbell; ‘Carter’ for the absolute icon that is Beyoncé Carter and the ‘Miss’ is to let the boys know that I’m single!

What makes you unique?
I can DJ. I can rap. I can lip sync. I can dance. I can act. I’m fierce. I’m funny, and I’m really nice as well! I just cannot wait to get into that competition – I’m ready for it baby!


Pronouns out of drag: He/Him
Pronouns in drag: She/Her

What does it feel like to be a Ru girl?

It feels correct! The time has come for this star is to shine. You’re not ready for me!

Are there any challenges you’re looking forward to?

I’m more than this gorgeous dancing diva. I’ve got funny bones in my body so I want to win a comedy challenge! I’ve idolised RuPaul for years so the fact that they’ll be standing in front of me in the flesh is amazing – although they probably won’t understand a word I say!


Pronouns out of drag: He/Him
Pronouns in drag: She/Her

How long have you been doing drag for now?

I’ve been doing drag for 15 years. I know that’s crazy, because I’m only 18. I fell into drag through my love of musical theatre. I moved from Cornwall to London to go to drama school and this is what happens when you get government funding and a scholarship!

What makes you unique?

I can sing, I can dance and I can make people laugh. I can whip up a crowd and I can also eat a pasty in less than five seconds! Now that deserves a prize right?

You can watch the full meet the queens interviews right now by clicking right here and heading over to BBC iPlayer

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