Spotlight: Barbs


GURL: Exactly 30 words to introduce yourself, go!

Barbs: My name is BARBS (pronounced with a slight shout), originally Barbara Babybatter, a stunning East London Drag cretin most known for her saggy balls and ‘dont give a fuck’ attitude.

GURL: Well that’s certainly an introduction ain’t it!

GURL: When did Barbs make her debut?

Barbs: The Glory’s yearly Drag competition LIPSYNC1000 in 2017

GURL: Who are your biggest inspirations for drag?

Barbs: Myself really, and my life. The people around me inspire me a lot but I don’t feel like there is one femme fetal figurehead that inspires what I do. I have always been a dirty grotty cross dresser at heart and I let her out. Barbs is me. 

GURL: Well we love that, if you can’t find inspiration withing yourself, how the hell you gonna find inspiration anywhere else? Continue being your own icon babe!

GURL: What is your favourite kinda look to pose in?

Barbs: For so long I was a throw it together kinda girl,  wearing the same charity shop dress or put on whatever item of clothing was closest to me getting ready. But now its my full time job, I have to make an effort. I enjoy trying to piece together and outfit and lockdown has taught me to be resourceful and has taught me alot about styling looks out of many little items. I can’t go out and get some big fancy thing made so what can I throw together into a look and now I am trying not to be seen in the same thing twice, recycling what I have into different Looks and mix and matching. At the moment I’m loving my 00s slag vibes and wearing little bikinis I have made out of tshirts. 

GURL: Well let’s be honest you would look good in anything, but it’s always nice to see an artist who can bring together a cute garment and pose the house down – especially when they’re being resourceful with they materials! We do enjoy that bikini moment though…

GURL: Do you have a drag family or clique? 

Barbs: All of the East London Drag scene are my family. I don’t believe in drag mothers/daughters myself. I would rather help elevate my friends to the same level as myself and have more siblings. I started Drag with Bimini and she is my number 1 sister but I often perform with familiar faces whom I all consider my family. If you get on stage and perform I can consider you a family member.

GURL: That’s beautiful, having one giant family that lift each other up and encourage elevation is exactly what the world needs. Friend who are fierce together, stay together.

GURL: What has been your proudest achievement so far?

Barbs: Entering into Miss Sink the Pink 2019, Bimini won that year and it was the moment for both of us where we started to take drag more seriously. From then I started performing more regular gigs and investing more time, money and energy. I was also in Vogue Italia quite early on in my career which is still mad to think, I looked like shit then aswell. 

GURL: Such a cute friendship that you share, we’re very glad the competition pushed you both to go further with your drag too and bless us with your talent. Doesn’t harm to have a good old magazine shoot under your wing either.

GURL:  When you’re rightfully cast on that little drag show, which challenge would you say is a basically a guaranteed badge on your tiddy?

Barbs: I feel improv id be good as as basically everything I do is improv, aswell as the acting challenge but I would be shite at any choreo, I have 2 left feet.

GURL: Well comedy is definitely one of the most important parts of the show and we know you can turn a look too – just need to find you a right foot now and you’ve got the full package!

GURL:  It’s no secret that you’re absolute trade, do you have follow any fitness/skin care regimes? 

Barbs: Hahaha omg am i trade?? I have no fitness routine, I do 1 situp a day and thats me getting out of bed at midday. I do follow a skincare routine as life hasnt been kind to me and I have aged beyond my years but mainly consists of Korean products and the ordinary.

GURL: That’s one more situp than we’re willing to do some days! You’re looking fab in and out of drag so you’re definitely doing something right, maybe we’ll have to try some of those skincare products ourselves……

GURL: If you could manifest one thing for your future, what would it be?

Barbs: New teeth, I had cancer growing up and the treatment has caused them to fall out!

GURL: We’re glad you beat the cancer and we’ll give the good ol’ tooth fairy a quick WhatsApp, see if we can get your some pearly whites ASAP.

GURL: Do you have a party trick?

Barbs: I can bend my fingers right back and I can make myself look pregnant

GURL: Well that’s quite impressive, we can probably manage the second one after a tub of Ben & Jerry’s too to be honest.

GURL: Which song do you feel best fits who you are? 

Barbs: Lacrimosa – Mozart

GURL: Just a casual classic moment aye?

GURL: Lastly, which 3 of your fellow drag divas shall we follow?

Barbs: Grace ShushhHoney The Foxx and Ms Sharon Legrand

GURL: A fabulous trio, thank you!

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