Spotlight: Charra Tea


GURL: Give us a little introduction to yourself?

Charra: I’m Charra Tea, a 19 year old drag queen from Belfast! I’m currently living in Leeds as I go to university over here, studying Graphic Design. I love being creative, all things artsy! A lot of my looks are inspired by primary colours – which comes from my passion for art! The name Charra Tea is a play on of the word “charity”, I love charity shopping! I used to volunteer in one too so I decided to name my drag persona after them! I also thought “charra” was unusual and no one else would have it as a name!

GURL: It’s amazing to see you embrace drag at a young age, when did you officially start?

Charra: Aw thank you so much! So I started playing with makeup at the end of October 2018 (I think!) but I did my first performance in January of 2019! Although I went travelling for a few months after that so had a very long break! I’ve then been performing, hosting and DJing a bit more regularly since April of 2019, so I guess I properly started last April! 

GURL: Wow so you really didn’t take too long to start getting booked, that’s impressive! We have a feeling we should keep an eye on you……

GURL: Is there a look you’re proudest of so far?

Charra: I’m far from a seamstress but I’ve made a few outfits! I made my costume for “That’s Dead Alternative”, a competition I won back in September! I made a blue body suit with red, yellow and blue shapes hanging from it, it’s hard to explain but I think it looked cool! I also had a red yellow and blue layered skirt attached to the body suit as well. In terms of makeup looks I’d definitely say one of my most recent ones! I did a sort of sad clown sort of idea with secondary colours, the sad clown represented how I’m feeling during all this craziness in the world at the minute! 

GURL: We think you looked totally cute in this, somehow a the aqua green wig works really well with the blue, red and yellow – it’s impressive!

GURL: Who are your biggest drag inspirations?

Charra: I’d have to say my local queens! Blu Hydrangea and Rusty Hinges were my biggest and first inspirations, I probably wouldn’t be doing drag if it wasn’t for them! Of course Ru Paul’s Drag Race has inspired me too, especially Miz Cracker, she really inspires me!

GURL: Literally been in love with Blu for so long, the shadiest little stunner! You’ve got some good inspirations right there for sure.

GURL: Would you ever enter a larger scale drag competition or pageant? 

Charra: Oh absolutely! I would love to, Ive only entered two competitions so far and won one so this definitely gave me a taste for competitions and I’m hungry for more! I would love to enter Ru Paul’s Drag Race UK some time! It would certainly be a dream come true. I actually started drag a couple of days before DRUK was announced, so getting on the show would be so surreal!

GURL: Fave song right now?

Charra: I’m loving “Call your Girlfriend” by Robyn! It’s so catchy, I can’t stop listening to it, especially in the shower! 

GURL: OMG what an anthem, yaaas!

GURL: Who do you think deserved their drag race win the most?

Charra: I think Sasha Velour definitely deserved her win the most! She has an abundance of charisma, uniqueness, nerve and talent! She didn’t only serve stunning looks, she was entertaining and a phenomenal performer! Her lip sync to “so emotional” will go down in history!

GURL: We’re still seeing rose petals in our dreams to this day :’)

GURL: If you were a flavour of VK, which one would you be?

Charra: I’d have to say the blue one! It’s my favourite, and of course I’m obsessed with primary colours so the blue one would work with my brand!

GURL: You get to do a musical themed around any musician, who do you choose?

Charra: I would probably pick Lady Gaga! I think her music is out of this world. She’s so iconic and incredibly talented, creative and beautiful! I think she’d be fantastic inspiration for a musical, think of the music and the costumes there’d be!

GURL: We would fully be all over this tbh, a Gaga musical needs to happen – imagine the props!

GURL: Which of your fellow drag artists should we check out?

Charra: Ooooo there’s so many! there’s so many fabulous, talented drag artists who I absolutely adore from Belfast and Leeds! I’d really recommend checking out Malibu Perry, Tiffany Von Tussle, The Only Sassie, The Haus of Poof, Levvy Tate, Rusty Hinges, Onya Becks, Trudy Scrumptious. These are just some of the fantastic Belfast Drag Artists who I love, there’s so many more as well!  Getting to be a part of the Leeds scene is fantastic as well, Echo, Dolls Nest, Malibu, Sillly Gal and Lambrini Von Damn are some of my absolute fave! 

GURL: That’s a whole lot of recommendations, we’ll get straight on it!

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