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GURL: Let’s start with a little introduction, who are you for those who may not know?

Crimsyn: Hello! My name is Crimsyn. I am a Drag Queen and Transformation Artist from Leesburg, Virginia. I originally started as a cosplayer in my college years, but soon found out about drag and took my cosplaying to a whole new level. Now I am extremely interested in artistic fashions and Avante Garde concepts!

GURL: When did your drag journey begin?

Crimsyn: My drag journey began in my senior year of college. I had been cosplaying throughout my college career, creating large wings and colorful characters. Then I had met a drag queen who showed me what Drag Race was and taught me about the local drag scene, and from there I started integrating more drag into my cosplays. Eventually, I created my first drag outfit and got booked for my first performance in September of 2018 I believe!

GURL: Loving that journey, having a background in cosplay definitely teaches some good old skills for the drag world that’s for sure! We’re so glad you were introduced to the scene, the world needs Crimsyn <3

GURL: You have some fabulous outfits, where do you take your inspiration from? 

Crimsyn: I take my inspiration from either video game characters and fashions, or mostly I get super inspired by just material itself. If I go shopping, materials usually speak out to me and I will sit there in the store and imagine some sort of crazy outfit they will turn into. I swear I have visions sometimes, haha. But it can be a blessing and a curse sometimes. I have so many projects I have started, but haven’t finished. So maybe one day I will be fully organised.

GURL: Those make-up skills are incredible, were you self-taught? 

Crimsyn: Yes, all my makeup skills are self-taught. Everything I have learned is either something I experience myself or have watched on Youtube. I remember when I was first learning to do makeup, I would get up at 6 am before work and put a full face on to practice. Then I would have to take it all off before I went to work at 9 am. I was so determined to learn it properly! But I swear, I am still learning new things every day about makeup.

GURL: That’s amazing, YouTube has definitely became a great platform for both adopting and teaching skills as it’s so easy to access. The dedication of doing a face before work though, that can’t be learned from any video, it’s paying off though and that gorgeous face is worth the effort.

GURL: What would be your number one tip for creating a stunning mug?

Crimsyn: I would say practice a bunch of different shapes to find something that works SPECIFICALLY to your face. Everyone’s face is different and there are so many different shapes that can be created on the face. I used to copy other drag queens’ makeups and try and find any small details that I liked, then my face eventually became a collection of little details I took from copying other people’s makeups. And now, I have finally learned what I want Crimsyn to look like and can create my OWN details that create the perfect Crimsyn face. So, it’s all in experience and practice!

GURL: Fully agree, trying a range of styles from various influences is always worth doing – you might even discover something totally unexpected. Shape on the other hand is essential, it’s got to look right on your face.

GURL: Which of your amazing creations stands out as your favourite creatively?

Crimsyn: One of my favourite creations is my cuttlefish makeup. It is super recent – but it’s just so original to how my mind works. The concept and everything is fully created by me living in my own crazy world. It may not seem as amazing as some of the other things I have created, but I feel most connected and proud of this piece! Hopefully, I can make it into a full outfit soon!

GURL: Now this is a very stunning look, the sheer use of colour alone makes for a beautiful image but we do love a good hair crown on top for good measure 😉

GURL: Who are your top picks from the drag race S13 cast?

Crimsyn: So, I am so excited about this cast list, but I will have to say that some of my favourites are Denali, Mik, Kandy, and Utica. They seem so fun and creative and I cannot wait to see what they bring to the show!

GURL: It’s a fabulous cast overall, let’s be honest. We’re SO happy to see Mik there both for progression and pure talent! Denali being a legend on ice skates was iconic, Kandy is gonna keep things too real and Utica omg what a fantastic weirdo <3

Quick little shout-out for Rosé cos that’s some cute trade up in here.

GURL: When you’re not creating sickening looks, what other hobbies do you enjoy?

Crimsyn: I looooove playing video games! I haven’t been able to dive into too many games lately – drag has kept me super busy. BUT, World of Warcraft is my favourite game to play. I also love Math, I know super nerdy, but I actually work as a Math teacher and have my own students!

GURL: Ohhhhh we have a gaming nerd up in here, we gonna have to do some multiplayer some time! Super impressed at the Math teacher status, mixing a whole lot of brains in with that beauty!

GURL: Give us a totally random fact about yourself that we wouldn’t expect? 

Crimsyn: Oh goodness, well in 6th grade I was diagnosed with Shingles… So my parents now always say I am an “old soul” because Shingles is a sickness primarily for the elderly. But, that was fine with me at the time, because I got to miss 3 weeks of school. Within those 3 weeks I dedicated all my time to playing World of Warcraft. Haha.

GURL: Every shingley cloud has to have a silver lining right? Old soul in a young body will have it’s advantages though.

GURL: Finally, you get to show 3 of your fellow drag stars off to the world, who do you choose?

Crimsyn: Oh of course, not sure if I can pick just 3! Some of the queens I find super inspirational and AMAZING are:
Twink Trash
Aunty Chan
Annie Mae 
Christie Da Vinci
Venus Envy Drag

GURL: What a stunning bunch of drag dolls, we’ll forgive you choosing 5 since they are all trouble fabulous!

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