Spotlight: Karmen Korbel

GURL: For new fans, who are you?

Karmen: I am Karmen Korbel! I sing, I dance and I know how to party. I’ve been doing drag for 4 years and my home bar is Queer/Bar in Seattle, WA.

GURL: When did you first discover that Karmen was inside of you?

Karmen: Back in 2013, I worked for Carnival Cruise lines as a production singer and along that journey I started to really appreciate the lime light and got really comfortable on stage. During my 2 year stint there, I start playing with makeup and when I moved back home to Seattle, it didn’t take long for Karmen to come out. But I think I’ve known she was inside me much earlier in life. 

GURL: Which of your performances is your fave to date?

Karmen: I competed in an All-Star competition at Queer Bar last year and for the finale I performed a fully choreographed 7 minute Lady Gaga mashup with dancers. It was extremely extra and a full production and I have never felt so alive on stage

GURL: Do you have any celeb inspirations?

Karmen: Erika Jayne from the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is a huge inspiration aesthetically and artistically. The fashion, the sex, the boldness. I think Karmen has taken several pages out of her book!

GURL: Show us a signature look?

Karmen: Here ya go!

GURL: Well orange you cute poking your head out of a port-a-loo!

GURL: What song are you dying to perform?

Karmen: I’ve been dreaming up a performance to “You should see me in a crown” by Billie Eilish involving some strobe lighting, a fog machine and some shirtless men….a girls gotta dream. In general tho, give me an Ariana Grande song and I’ll turn her out. 

GURL: Totally waiting to see someone perform that, let us know if it ever happens so we can be there! For now though, Ariana is a babe.

GURL: Who would you be for snatch game?

Karmen: Who would you be for snatch game? I have been thinking of this for a long time and I am torn between Erika Jayne and Jennifer Coolidge. Jennifer is by far funnier, but both would be absolutely wild and fun. 

GURL: Plenty of queens have switched between characters, do both!

GURL: Which animal would you want to be?

Karmen: My dog Milli and I are kindred spirits. She’s slightly neurotic, and very clumsy. Like mother, like daughter. I also know how much I spoiler her, so I’m down for that! 

GURL: What’s your fave cocktail?

Karmen: I’ll drink anything, literally anything. But if I was going to treat myself, I’d have a vodka martini or a cosmo. I also love a good margarita. 

GURL: I think we need a cocktail night sometime…..

GURL: Give us 2 fabulous performers to follow?

Karmen: Follow Kaleena Markos and Bosco. Both are my Queer/Bar sisters and both extremely talented. You won’t be disappointed.

GURL: 100% done straight away, two amazing people right there

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