Spotlight: Travisty

GURL: Give us a little introduction as to who you are?

Travisty: Iyah, Its me Travisty, International model, superstar actress, 3 time Grammy winner, angel of the north, fashion icon, and prolific liar.

GURL: What 3 words best describe your drag style?

Travisty: I AM A REBEL

GURL: Which gig has been your fave so far?

Travisty: My all time favourite performance to do is my mix of Charlie xcx “boys” and minty’s “useless man”, the visuals are hardcore porn of every shape and form so it’s quite rare I find a venue I can perform  it in, but I performed it with klubkids at the grand in London and the crowd reaction was just so intense I loved it, it was reet dirty!

GURL: When did you first realise you were queer?

Travisty: That’s a hard one actually, there wasn’t  really  some magical  Disney  moment really I feel like I just I just gradually became less and less closed minded and open to anything, although saying that I do remember realising that I didn’t fancy Kim Possible anymore and I actually liked Ron stoppable her sidekick.

GURL: Which look are you proudest of?

Travisty: Oof I have a top two that I can never pick from actually, when I was home for Christmas one of the farmers that lived nearby brought us a goose and two pheasants to eat so I clipped the wings and taxidermied them to make this fascinator and we had a shoot in the lake district with them, I really enjoyed that look and also I did a look once where I collected a load if dead flies in my window (long story) so I glued a load of actual dead flies to my face they were so green and iridescent, I did end up really ill in hospital because of it but it was so worth it.

GURL: You looked absolutely gorgeous in that fascinator tbf, so well done. Fully appreciate that commitment to art and we’ve glad you recovered!

GURL: What’s your top bop right now?

Travisty: I adore PC music, so probably ‘VYZEE’ by SOPHIE or maybe ‘On The Regular’ by Shamir 

GURL: This was a tough shout, but we liked the video for OTR so we’ve popped it below, everyone go check both of these out though!

GURL: Do you have any unusual hobbies or interests?

Travisty: I collect taxidermy have a bunch of weird pets like tarantulas, scorpions, parrots and I’ve got ALLOT of snails, god help me there are so many snails, I cant cope any more, please somebody

GURL: You’re like a much more interesting Joe Exotic… a dress

GURL: Which anime character do you relate to most?

Travisty: It doesn’t really count as anime but if you’ve seen over the garden wall (you should it’s my favourite show its magical) I’m pretty much Greg from over the garden wall.

GURL: Any game recommendations?

Travisty:  I spend far too much time on my vive in an app called VRchat (check it out on YouTube it’s so bizarre) there are limitless possibilities with that game its hard to describe, either that or this really crappy but addictive app on my phone called “evolution of species 2” you have  to evolve your own little microbe creature it’s the best.

GURL: We do love the idea of limitless possibilities and any evolution game usually draws us in, brb going to pass a few hours.

GURL: Who would your biggest recommendation for us to follow be?

Travisty: I’m really obsessed with @toxicwasteface , I love their art especially a recent release of theirs ‘ the feed’ check it out:

It would be an absolute travisty (terrible we know) if you didn’t head straight over to IG and follow this bish

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