Who’s hungry for some Meat (Zine)?


GURL: What is Meat Zine for those who haven’t heard of it?

Adrian: Meat is a gay pin-up zine printed quarterly. The aim is to show different representations of masculinity and sexiness in our community. There’s a strong emphasis on body positivity. It has also spawned a hugely successful London club night, of the same name, that’s been running for 7 years and we’re resident at Dalston Superstore, which is a riot!

GURL: Did you have any specific inspiration that led to you creating such a platform?

Adrian: I was tired of seeing the same old cliche images of gay men with six-packs, perfect skin and unattainable bodies and looks. They didn’t represent the men I fancied or indeed me. I wanted to redress the balance a little, to see the guys I fancy as pin-ups. Ten years ago I wasn’t seeing these guys represented. I think that’s changed a lot in recent years, so I’m taking some credit for that. Hahaha

GURL: It’s exactly what we need to see really, there’s so many body types out there that deserve appreciation – a six pack is perfectly fine but so is a curvy bod, a slim bod and everything surrounding!

GURL: So 10 years on, how are you celebrating your success?

Adrian: Well, the project is actually coming to an end this year. I’ve self-published 37 printed issues. I just kinda decided it was the right time. There are other projects as a photographer and publisher that I’d like to explore. However, I’m still producing issues up to the end of 2020, and there’s a book in the pipeline. Possibly an exhibition and definitely a big party. 

GURL: We’ll be keeping an eye on you, excited to see your next project 🙂

GURL: You’re all about the very important message of body positivity, was there a time when you weren’t confident yourself?

Adrian: I’m still not fucking confident in myself. There’s loads of stuff I hate about my body. I am always inspired by the guys who put themselves out there to be photographed for meat though. I get the biggest buzz from making them feel sexy and confident. 

GURL: Confidence should definitely start at home, please be sure to take a long look in the mirror and realise that you’re beautiful!

GURL: Will you be doing a calendar for 2021?

Adrian: Yes! The naked calendar has become something of a tradition, and it would be remiss of me to end meat without doing one more.

GURL: We really look forward to the next one, something to brighten up our bedrooms for the year, these are always cute.

GURL: Which shot are you most proud of?  

Adrian: Gosh, that’s such a tough question. I rarely look back at work, so starting to select images for the book has been really interesting. Looking at them with some distance, I have to say I’m immensely proud of the work as a whole. It’s pretty fucking good. Hahaha. 

GURL: We can’t argue with that, it’s fabulous work. Here’s just a taster for those reading!

GURL: Do you have a body confident bop? 

Adrian: Oh god, it’d probably be something completely gay!! I’m gonna go for Confident by Demi Lovato. 

GURL: Great choice, love a bit of Demi

GURL: Which celeb would you love to have feature?

Adrian: I’m kinda obsessed with a Georgian actor called Bachi Valishvili who is in a brilliant film called And Then We Danced, which you really must see. I described it to my friend as a Georgian Flashdance, which does it absolutely no justice at all. As a film, it’s almost perfect.

GURL: How full are your DM’s on the daily?

Adrian: Well at the moment we’re on total lock down, and I’m posting guys isolation selfies on the meat Instagram, so it can get pretty full. I needed to find SOMETHING to fill my time, right?

GURL: Can we get a VIP booth at your next event?

Adrian: You absolutely can. The last meat party in March obviously had to be cancelled, and I really don’t know when we’ll be having another one. Still, honestly, when we do, it is going to go off!!!!

GURL: We’re totally gonna hold you to that!

Make sure you check out the fabulous Meat Zine website and go give them a follow on Instagram

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