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Queenz: We ain’t lip syncing anymore!


With the every rising popularity of Ru Paul’s Drag Race, the lip sync has become a massively exposed part of drag performance in recent years and has even made it’s way to other shows, but honestly let’s not get caught up in that.

Let’s talk live vocals and performance!

As fun as a lip sync can be, we’ve always loved a good old sing song ourselves, so we were absolutely thrilled when we first saw a taste of a Queenz live show back at Holy T in the Park in 2021.

The show involves 5 fabulous drag performers belting out some absolute bangers that will have you jumping out of your seat and wanting to join them on stage. Kinda like a drag brunch but with way better production value, consistent talent and way less drinks being spilled. For bonus points there’s also a solid dose of comedy and some adult references thrown in the mix.

Bella, Billie Eyelash, Candy, Dior Monte and Ze Ze Van Cartier are a collection of powerhouse vocalists banding together to create the ultimate drag girl group and they’re ready to serve.

Queenz: The Show With Balls!

Not convinced just yet?

We’re super pleased to say that we recently had the chance to ask these stunners a few questions so you can all get to know them a little better and learn a thing or two about their show!

For those who don’t already know, what happens in the show?

Bella: What happens in the show is 5 fabulous Queenz take you on a gender bending journey of life affirming fun and frolics celebrating all things LGBTQIA+ and Glitter! Slaying the greatest pop diva anthems of all time! Serving Diva realness with a side serving of sass and a huge dollop of heart! ❤️

How’s the tour going so far?

Dior: The tour is going incredibly well so far! We are always blown away by people’s response to the show and are overwhelmed by the love and warmth shown to us at each venue. We are very grateful that we get to tour our show all over the country and that so many people are coming along!

Which show has been the wildest?

Billie: The wildest show we have done may have to be Worthing. They were up on their feet dancing right from the get go and one audience member started a conga line through the theatre! It was fabulous!

Funniest Moment in 2023 currently?

Bella: We always have so much fun together, we laugh everyday.

Billie: Now naturally I love my sisters and would never laugh at one of them… however. The gorgeous Miss Dior Montè fell over during Proud Mary one night and I HOWLED, (after I saw that she wasn’t hurt of course!)

Candy: The truth is we always laugh and there are too many to choose from. There’s never a day that goes by without us all falling to the floor with laughter.

Dior: Without giving too much away. I get to do a little audience participation and some audience members really do let loose and get to have their own time to shine. There have been some very funny moments and every night is different!

Ze Ze: It always changes because of how much fun we’re constantly having!! One that constantly entertains me however is the bullying war between Billie and Candy, they’re always hiding each others drag essentials in the most hilarious places!

Do you have any pre-show routines to get yourselves hyped up?

Ze Ze: I personally prep with a bunch of squats to get me prepared for all of the slut drops that are about to come!!

If you could add one song to the your that you haven’t performed yet, what
would it be?

Bella: If I could add any song into the show I think I would add a mash up of Beyoncé songs, because Dior is the only queen who gets to sing a Bey number at the moment.

Billie: If I could add any song to the show it would be Madonna – Vogue. It’s such a classic sassy number and I think we would look gorgeous living out our supermodel fantasies!

Candy: For me it would be girls just wanna have fun, a classic!

Dior: Probably Shania Twain – Man! I Feel Like A Woman

Ze Ze: It would have to be Donna Summer’s Hot Stuff! We have none of her in the show yet, and I think with a Queenz spin it would be absolutely insane!

There are no lip syncs in this show, but is there actually a lip sync assassin
among you?

Candy: If anyone could slay a lil sync it would Ms ZeZe VC, she would mop the floor clean.

Do fans get much of a chance to meet you all before/after the show?

Candy: We currently hold a meet and greet after the show to say hello and to take a photo, we love meeting you all and hearing your reactions to the show and finding out ya favourites.

Just for fun, if you were a cocktail which one would suit your personality?

Bella: If I were a cocktail, I’d be a Bellini- very classy and a little bit fruity.

Billie: Billie would be a Long Island Iced Tea. Strong and will turn you WILD.

Candy: If I was a cocktail, it would be a lemon drop. Simple, satisfying and sour.

Dior: Dior would have to be something classy and a little bit naughty so probably a Martini (dirty, of course!)

Ze Ze: A Dirty Banana for sure, she’s tasty, tropical, and almost as thick as my bodacious behind!!

Finally in 10 words or less, why should someone come and see Queenz Live?

Bella: We. Are. The. Future! 👑 🧡 #IAmAQueen

Billie: There’s no other show like it, talent, fabulousness and heart!

Queenz: The Show With Balls!

Needless to say we’re very excited to see the full 2 hour production that these incredible divas are putting on, in fact we’ll be seeing them in our home town of Newcastle!

On March 31st the Queenz will be strutting their stuff in the iconic Tyne Theatre and Opera House, an amazing building in the heart of the city that has played host to thousands of incredible events over more than 150 years.

In 2015 this Grade 1 listed Victorian Theatre became an independent venue and keeping it touch with it’s rich historic value has simply gone from strength to strength. You can always guarantee a sense of excellence from within and with such a diverse programme throughout the year, we challenge you not to find a little something for everyone!

Tyne Theatre and Opera House Newcastle

So what are you waiting for?

Take a look at the upcoming tour dates below and see when this amazing show is coming to a city near you, you won’t regret it.

Tickets available from the official Queenz website now!



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