Set sail for Down Under!

The supreme queen RuPaul herself is ready for business and on the hunt for the Next Drag Superstar from the bush.

Yes, we are getting a Summer Drag Race fix with ten fabulous Aussie and Kiwi queens competing across eight episodes of wig snatching, heel breaking and pearl throwing drama.

The fiercely competitive and heart-warming competition will return exclusively to iPlayer and BBC Three this Summer.

Grab your tanning cream gals, we’re taking a trip down under!

The Judges

Ru Paul has said herself “Australasian drag is filled with heart and humour, and I’m thrilled to share my season three queens to the world, for all to see their charisma, uniqueness, nerve, and talent.”

We all know that despite some of the rumours surrounding season, momma Ru will again be present and in person ready to critique, advise and judge the queens, but who will be joining her?

Well it’s long term iconic squirrel friend Michelle Visage and the red-haired comedy wonder himself Rhys Nicholson of course!

Yes, we’re keeping it in the Down Under family for season three with our regular, reliable and utterly ravishing judges, plus some stunning guests no doubt.

Meet The Queens

So the promo theme is pirates this year and honestly we’re gagged that it hasn’t been used sooner, every single one of these looks are pure treasure.

Let’s see who’s competing for the ultimate booty!


Age: 27
Location: Sydney, Australia
Pronouns: She/Her (In drag), He/They (Out of drag)

Born in Colombia but raised in Sydney, Amyl started doing drag in 2019., but  she has already established herself as an up-and-coming performer on the Sydney Drag scene  and made her mark as a fashionista, modelling in the Australian fashion magazines and cementing herself as a runway model, walking as part of Australian Fashion Week.

Ashley Madison

Age: 25
Location: Melbourne, Australia
Pronouns: She/Her (In drag), She/He/They (Out of drag)

Hailing from Melbourne, Australia’s epicentre of arts and entertainment, Ashley Madison has established herself as one of the most notable drag queens that Melbourne has to offer. She has been doing drag for eight years and during this time has garnered many accolades such as 1st runner up at the Miss Gay Australia Pageant and also Belle of the Ball at the Drag Industry Variety Awards (DIVA).

Not one to put all of her eggs in one basket, not only is she a DJ, but Ashley also owns and runs her own 3D jewellery business.

Bumpa Love

Age: 51
Location: Melbourne, Australia
Pronouns: She/Her (In drag), He/Him (Out of drag)

Bumpa Love has been entertaining audiences in Australia and New Zealand for 25 years. Yes, that’s right twenty-five years, and so not only is she the oldest queen of the cast, but she’s the most experienced.

Bumpa is a multi-talented driven queen who is fully immersed in the Melbourne drag scene and passionate about her work promoting LGBTQIA+ culture.

She runs Australia’s only Drag Queen owned and produced venue (Vau d’vile Drag Cabaret), performing to sold-out houses all year round. She has produced Auckland’s fabulous night-time Pride Parade, MC for the Candlelight Aids Memorial (part of the 2014 International Aids Conference), is creator of Melbourne’s Drag Awards, a member of the Yarra City Rainbow Advisory Committee and has produced work shown at Melbourne Fringe, Melbourne Comedy Festival and Midsumma Festival. 


Age: 25
Location: Auckland, New Zealand
Pronouns: She/Her (In drag), He/Him (Out of drag)

Flor has a big reputation as a party queen with top notch make up skills and an infectious smile.  Born in Guatemala and now living in Auckland, Flor is a sultry Latin queen who has been doing drag for six years. 

Representing the Latin communities of Aotearoa and Auckland, Flor’s drag name was inspired by her mother.

Flor’s main inspirations are strong Latin women who are aware of their voices and stay true to who themselves.

Gabriella Labucci

Age: 31
Location: Victoria, Australia
Pronouns: She/Her (In drag), He/Him (Out of drag)

Gabriella Labucci is a force to be reckoned with in the world of cabaret and drag performance. Located in country Victoria (Ballarat) her talents include (but are not limited to) drag, singing, dancing, roller skating, modelling, hosting, and acting.

She has a heart of gold and a unique sense of humour and style.

Hollywould Star

Age: 34
Location: NSW, Australia
Pronouns: She/Her (In drag), He/Him (Out of drag)

Born in the United States, Hollywould has called New South Wales home for the past 9 years. Hollywould is classically trained as a singer, touring the world and performing in major stage productions such as The Book of Mormon and Kinky Boots as well as slaying the floors of Sydney nightclubs. She most recently was seen performing as a Destiny Child Member with the Grammy Award-winning Kelly Rowland at the 2023 Domain Dance Party for Sydney World Pride. Oh and she also appearing as a headliner at the 2022 Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras Parade.

Speaking on representation and why that matters, Hollywould says, “As a queer person and a person of colour, I feel like it’s ten times harder for us especially, not having that representation. So, I’m just I’m so grateful to have this opportunity and for people to see that on the screen and know that it’s okay… and you know, they can do it too”, adding, “There aren’t many of us here in Australia who get this opportunity. I do not take it lightly.”

Isis Avis Loren

Age: 33
Location: Melbourne, Australia
Pronouns: She/They (In drag), They/Him/She (Out of drag)

Isis Avis Loren encapsulates her audience with a mix of old-fashioned glamour & fierce, edgy entertainment.

Isis is a prominent queen of the Naarm, Melbourne drag scene. Isis has graced many stages in Australia and overseas, and with her high fashion couture creations made by her own hand, she is well known for both her design and seamstress skills. A formidable competitor, this sweetheart certainly knows her way around a sewing machine, having dressed much of the elite Melbourne drag scene already.

Ivanna Drink

Age: 26
Location: Auckland New Zealand
Pronouns: She/Her (In drag), He/Him (Out of drag)

Ivanna Drink is a recognisable face on Auckland’s Cabaret scene as resident Emcee and Showgirl. Her dazzling lewks are hard to miss and come with her signature beaming smile. Married to Anita Wigl’it, she completes the power couple of drag.

With over 8 years of experience and tenure that expands over both Australia and New Zealand, Ivanna has certainly gotten around! Highlights of her career include winning the Queen of Queens pageant, her role as ‘Hooker #2’ from the Netflix Show Cowboy Bebop & more recently a stint across the ditch for World Pride and Sydney Mardi Gras 2023.

Ivory Glaze

Age: 26
Location: Sydney, Australia
Pronouns: She/Her (In drag), He/Him (Out of drag)

Ivory Glaze brings beauty and glamour to the stage. With a love for fashion, her looks are always polished from head to toe, while pushing boundaries.

Ivory is fairly new to the drag scene and unlike some of her fellow competitors, drag is not Ivory’s fulltime occupation, but Ivory’s bank job doesn’t hold her back from exploring all things drag. It also doesn’t prevent her from bringing her exuberance to the drag scene, as well as her sweet and wholesome personality.

Rita Menu

Age: 24
Location: Hamilton, New Zealand
Pronouns: She/Her (In drag), He/Him (Out of drag)

Our baby queen Rita has only been doing drag for a year! She considers herself super competitive and bills herself as a singer, dancer, and seamstress.

Despite her lack of experience, Rita has already wowed audiences in the New Zealand drag scene with performances at local nightclubs, as well as winning Kita and Anita’s Drag Wars competition in Auckland.

What’s the T?

The ten bonzer Aussie and Kiwi queens will be competing for a cash prize of 50,000 AUD and the title of Down Under’s next drag superstar.

BBC Three will release the eight-part series weekly on BBC iPlayer, transmitted in line with Australia and New Zealand so we can all enjoy it at the same time!

The first episode will premier on BBC Three and BBC iPlayer from 8am on July 28th.