Spotlight: Pretentious Dross


GURL: First things first, give us a little introduction to yourself?

PD: Hi friend! I’m Pretentious Dross & it’s just bloody GORGEOUS to meet you. I’m a camp, cult, art-house witch from deepest darkest scouseland where I co-produce Liverpool’s O.G vegan drag-dinner cabaret EAT ME (and her after hours, out ‘till late naughty disco-sister PREACH. You can follow us on insta @preachclub. 

GURL: Where did the name come from?

PD: Calling myself Pretentious Dross is a reclamation (and acknowledgement) of my art-wanker background. When I was holding an exhibition as part of my PhD (before I started drag), someone left me anonymous audience feedback saying “could have bothered to make some real art – what a load of pretentious dross!” I was devastated at the time, but now I’m like: “Yes, my work is pretentious – it celebrates artifice so go give yourself a long hard fuck and read a book afterwards!”

GURL: What was your first performance number?

PD: I’ve performed in theatre for years in boy mode, but my first performance as P.Diddy in proper dragz was for a Brexit Edition cabaret in Liverpool just over a year ago. I performed a lip-sync to Shakespear’s Sister “Stay” (I love a melodramatic torch song). 

GURL: You’ll have to perform it again some time since there’s vid, but here’s a stunning image from the number!

GURL: Do you have a look that you’re most proud of?

PD: I’ve just started re-reading Bram Stoker’s Dracula, and I wanted to try and re-imagine Dracula as a Bettie Page-esque killer-bitch.

I also love this one:

I wore this outfit to Sasha Velour’s Smoke & Mirrors in Manchester. Giving you Orville Peck meets Rodeo Clown. She knows the tune so the words don’t matter… Can you tell my fave colours are red, white & black?!

GURL: Well both of these are absolutely stunning, you can definitely turn us into a vampire any time – then we’ll hit the rodeo!

GURL: At what age did you discover you didn’t fit into ‘the mould’ as society likes to call it?

PD: I think I’ve always known. At first I didn’t understand what was different about me, I just knew that I wasn’t the same as other kids. I was bullied terribly throughout school for either being too gay or too clever, or too weird. People don’t like what they don’t understand and children learn their insecurities and fears from adults. Now I wear my queerness with fucking Pride with a capital P.

GURL: Fave song?

PD: At the moment I’m OBSESSED with Orville Peck. That kinky faced cowboy gets my knickers in a twist. It also helps that his music is great too. I love “Hope to Die”. I’m just a big goth at heart.

GURL: There’s just something about that man that draws us in……save a horse, ride a cowboy.

GURL: Do you have any plans to bring your drag to different countries?

PD: I’d LOVE to – I’ve been steadily breaking into a few different UK scenes this year, but taking Drossy from Paris to Berlin (& any disco I get in) would make my heart pump for love. Sasha Kills (in gay paree) is an idol of mine, and I adore the drags on the alternative Berlin scene. 

GURL: Do you have a signature dish in the kitchen?

PD: Afraid not – I wouldn’t say I’m the WORST cook, but my hubby does it better.

GURL: What animal do you relate to most?

PD: I have an affinity for snakes. I just think they have such a dangerous beauty. I also love that they shed their skin – that idea of renewal and rebirth get me all tingly.

GURL: Ooooo hiss hiss bish!

GURL: Give us 3 fabulous performers to follow?

PD: If you don’t already,  follow: 

Mystika Glamoor – Edinburgh’s High Priestess of Drag 
The Vicar’s Daughter – Manchester costumier sensation. 
Midgitte Bardot – Liverpool most prolific wanker. 

GURL: Perfect, thanks for the fabulous recommendations <3

This amazingly creative creature can be found on IG below!

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