Aamyko: Dirty. Diva. DJ.


GURL: First things first, introduce yourself?

Aamyko: Hola! I’m Aamyko. I’m a London based DJ that has no time for other people’s hang ups or bullshit 😉

GURL: When did you first realise you broke society’s idea of the norm?

Aamyko: I think from very early on I broke the idea of what it is to be “normal.” As a 10 yr old I was always very “weird” to most people. My humour, my musical tastes, the way over plucked my eyebrows.. I mean gurl, I was a little freak!

Back then & pretty much through all my teen years & most of my 20’s I was afraid to stand out too much but then after I hit 30 & I moved to London I was like: FUCK IT! I’m gonna be exactly who I WANT to be & if people have a problem with that then that’s their fucking problem not mine. I’ve been living my life like that ever since.

GURL: You weren’t a freak, you were fabulous from the beginning! So glad you’ve fully embraced yourself <3

GURL: That body is amazing, how often do you work out?

Aamyko: Well thank ya! You know I never ever really took fitness too seriously. I was always thinking that I could never be strong & I always had a negative view in working out & any gym activity due to horrid experiences with sports in high school.

I think plenty of gays can relate. When we are young we are so insecure & afraid of being ridiculed that we automatically think: “ No, I can’t be good at sports or enjoy working out; being fit & strong, what if they laugh cos I’m too femme when I run, when I throw a ball etc” All of those things really cripple you which is really sad coz there are some amazing gay athletes that overcome all these insecurities & just show everyone that they are AMAZING at what they do & it has nothing to do with their sexuality.

Sorry, I went on a bit of a tangent! To answer your question I workout 3-4 times a week &  most importantly I workout to feel good. I don’t workout to look a certain way or compare myself to others &  their bodies. I think that is really key when you start exercising, do it for your health to feel good about yourself & enjoy your body and how truly incredible it is!

GURL: How long have you been in the DJ business?

Aamyko: I’ve been DJing since 2011! So almost 10 years & it was SUCH a different scene back then. I think clubbing has changed so much, some things for the better, and some… not so much!

GURL: So much experience though, you’ll have seen a LOT in your years so far :O

GURL: What other major interests do you have?

Aamyko: I live & breathe music. It’s just like part of me. I love makeup and I love experimenting with looks, I’m really into gender-fucking & breaking rules of what a “boy” or “girl” is supposed to look like.
Another major interest I have is anything that has to do with Astronomy. I love reading about far away galaxies & exo-planets, I find it so interesting & it really puts things into perspective for me whenever I’m overwhelmed by some mundane problem, knowing how vast & enormous our universe is really shows me we are teeny-tiny in the grand scheme of things.

GURL: Fave track right now?

Aamyko: Currently obsessed with Teyana Taylor especially her track “W.T.P” (Work This Pussy)

GURL: There’s a subtle undertone here, we’re not quite sure what it is but you like it though 😉

GURL: Is there a queer series or film you’d suggest we watch?

Aamyko: I recently watched the most romantic yet heartbreaking movie “Call Me By Your Name.” It’s such a great movie & isn’t bogged down by all the typical bullshit and stereotypes that go along with some gay flicks. Highly recommend by moi.

GURL: Ohh that’s one we’ve heard of, we’ll beed to give it a watch!

GURL: Which country do you want to travel to next?

Aamyko: Being a DJ I’ve travelled around quite a bit and I’m soooo thankful for that cos it really has opened up my mind to different cultures & different ways of thinking. I absolutely love it!

I would LOVE to visit South Korea. I find that country & it’s culture absolutely fascinating. Everything about it is so interesting, from their split with North Korea to their amazing fashion & music, it’s definitely on my bucket list!

GURL: If you were a cocktail, what spirits are inside you?

Aamyko: Oh lord! I think I’ve actually had every kind of booze in me! Well, it would definitely have Gin. I absolutely pink Gin so that’s gotta go in there! I think I’d also have a splash of lime juice & soda water to keep the calorie count low & the alcohol content high! There ya go there perfect slut-tail!

GURL: We would definitely have a sip of you baby 😛

GURL: Who shall we check out next?

Aamyko: I have 3 people who are so incredibly talented and amazing at what they do & I admire their work.

1) Magic (incredible photographer who’s taken the most incredible pictures of myself & the general clubbing scene for various magazines in the U.K.)

2) Timo Bolte (does the most incredible floral designs & events in London & around the world. His arrangements are about as gorgeous as he is!)

3) Soroya Marchelle (fierce, fabulous & funny as fuck! She’s a not so hidden gem in the drag world! Absolutely love her!)

GURL: Yaaaas triple threats, we’re into it! (Here’s a bonus photo from Magic)

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