Totally Drag: The ride of your life!


There are a lot of classic combinations out there in the world right;

Ham and cheese? Great. Salt and vinegar? Classic. Rum and coke? Delightful.

Well how about drag artists and theme parks?

Yes you heard us right – we’re gonna need some extra wig glue, perfectly fitting heels and to strap ourselves in for a wild ride.

Our fabulous friends over at Totally Drag are hosting a super camp day-long event on May 6th at Alton Towers that has us gagged with excitement!

14 incredible drag acts and 1 legendary DJ will be taking to the stage to show off a diverse range of talents and skill sets that are bound to leave the audience screaming just as loud as the iconic Oblivion ride itself.

Shall we take a look at line-up?

Our Host

The stunning Plastiq from our our home town of Newcastle will be showing off their hosting skills, keeping things in check and if we’re lucky, may even even treat us to a performance!

The DJ

Local legend, part of the wonderful Gossip Gays duo and one of the loveliest people we’ve ever met, it’s the beautiful Dj Billy Andrew here to keep us dancing all night.

The Drag Race UK Divas

We have Divina De Campo (Season 1), Blu Hydrangea (Season 1 and UK vs The World), Ellie Diamond (Season 2), Charity Case (Season 3), Scarlett Harlett (Season 3) and Victoria Scone (Season 3 and Canada vs The World) all ready and raring to go!

The additional UK talent

From various parts of the UK we have Adam All, Apple Derrieres, Beau Jangles, Charra Tea, Kiki Snatch, Miss Terri Boxx and Sophia Stardust – how’s that for a pick and mix of talent?

So now that you know all of the fabulous faces, we should probably let you know how it’s gonna go down right?

Timing is everything

This is an all day event so alongside the vast amounts of talent on the stage, there’s a lot of organisation going on in the background too.

The show begins at midday, so if you’ve got tickets to the theme park there’s a good few hours to live your thrill-seeking best before the drag evening starts!

With a little lunch break, plenty of time set aside for the meet and greet, a break before the later show and time to nip to the loo before the Dj set, we’d say this is a pretty great schedule to keep us happily busy.

Each act has at least a 15 minute slot too, so it’s not just gonna be a quick one number and done situation, there’s plenty of time to put those skills to the test.

Need further convincing? (Or a ticket)

As if the incredible drag show isn’t already enough, you can enjoy some extras if you stay the night at Alton Towers. The standard packages include:

– 1-night accommodation on Saturday 6th May 2023 at Splash Landings Hotel
– Entry for 2 people to daytime & evening show
– Full English & continental breakfast on Sunday morning
– 1 day entry to Splash Landings Water Park
– Discounted theme park entry tickets, exclusive to Totally Drag attendees

You can also come hang out with the GurlGlobal team as we’ll be there doing some press coverage mainly, but also enjoying the show and ready for a good old selfie.

Head over to the Totally Drag Store now to grab yourself a ticket/package before they’re all gone and we’ll see you at Alton Towers on May 6th!

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