Well that was Totally a Drag…..


We were given the opportunity to do a little bit of press coverage and get the VIP experience at Totally Drag 2023 and we’re ready to spill all of the tea.

For those of you who may not know, the event is held at Alton Towers and is a full day of antics from a big selection of UK drag acts getting to showcase a variety of talents to leave the audience gagging.

Buckle up, we’re going on the ride of our lives!

Our Team

Our regular host and favourite bald strumpet Velvet Snatch couldn’t make it along on this occasion, which meant that Gym Bunny Glenn and Thotter Stu were holding down the fort for Gurl Global. Velvet did provide us with the Crotchet Snatch so we didn’t miss her too much and honestly we’re a bit too obsessed, just look at how cute it is!

Our Guest Host

In Velvet’s absence and to bring you the crossover you never knew you needed, we invited gentle giant and glamorous PT James Allen to join in the fun.

After watching his (too short) run on Rise and Fall, recording a podcast together and having several chats on the phone we absolutely couldn’t think of anyone better to host with us.


As soon as we walked through the entrance there was a handy team ready to sort out passes and show us exactly where we needed to be. Everything was really easy and our faces lit up the second we saw our wonderful little VIP lanyards!

Once we got into the press lounge we were able to pop our bags down and spend some quality time with local icon Plastiq while they were getting ready. Our handsome guest host even got to enjoy a quick pose and twirl in this stunning jacket.

The Line-up

Just in case you didn’t catch our pre-event article or any of our socials, here’s a little reminder of the incredible artists, truly there was something for everyone to enjoy.

We had a fantastic host, some absolute hilarity, fashion moments for your nerve, live vocals that would make Simon Cowell tingle and a whole bunch of mighty fierce dance moves!

How it all went down

The day was split up into several different sections, giving plenty of structure and allowing for breaks between sets so people could stretch their legs, grab a drink and take that all important loo break.

We had a fabulous first segment where each act did a 15 minute set and this was repeated again after a good old lunch break. This meant we got to further explore the different acts and truly allow for a rang of their talents to shine through.

The meet and greet came next, a nice way to split up the performances and ensure everyone was prepared for their stunning photoshoot.

A final showcase was then enjoyed in the evening to hype up before a (very well ventilated) after party and a high-energy Dj set from Gossip Gays legend Billy Andrew.

Considering this was a drag show with double-digit amounts of performers, there was literally only one brief delay of 15 minutes (which was down to extra performances), we honestly have never witnessed such a tightly put together schedule!

Here’s some cute pics for you all to enjoy:

Behind the scenes

Not only did we get to enjoy the show, but our access all areas passes (brief pause to Spotify the AAA girls) allowed us to spend some time with the performers and get to know them better between performances.

We were super lucky to interview a good bunch of the fabulous drag artists and snap a pic with them, check out our YouTube channel to see how we got on!

What’s next?

We’re super excited to see that Totally Drag 2024 has already been announced and there’s even a date set in place for our diary,

Truly, we couldn’t possibly recommend a drag event more than this one, if you can make it next year we would love to see you there.

Rumour has it that if you book early you’ll get a cheeky discount too….. so it’s probably a good idea to click here and grab a ticket.

Make sure to follow Totally Drag on Instagram for all those announcements!

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