UK vs The World: Queen’s Unleashed


With so many spin-offs in the drag race franchise, it was only a matter of time before we got ourselves some crossover action and after the last couple of years, it’s about time the world came together in camp harmony.

Now that the cast is FINALLY revealed, let’s talk stats, expectations and spill some T.

Baga Chipz

Original Season: UK 1
Placement: 3rd
Previous Challenge Wins: 3
Instagram: Bagachipz

She’s sexy, she’s class, she takes up the UHHH but how will this queen of comedy and karaoke hold up against the other queens? Baga did fantastic on her season, becoming a fan favourite and having a lot of success since. She’ll serve us a massive dose of personality that’s for sure and we’re intrigued to see how her runways have developed, let’s hope it’s much betta!

Blu Hydrangea

Original Season: UK 1
Placement: 5th
Previous Challenge Wins: 1
Instagram: Bluhydrangea_

It’s our cheeky little shade queen from Belfast, aiming to send the other queens home…home…home…home. Nobody can deny those make up skills and the gorgeous fashion she rocks, but just how much has Blu developed since her season? We’ve got high expectations and honestly we’re praying for another hilariously crude snatch game moment.

Cheryl Hole

Original Season: UK 1
Placement: 4th
Previous Challenge Wins: 0
Instagram: Cherylholequeen

The dancing diva is back and she’s ready to serve you some glow up realness. If you’re anything like us, you’ll have fallen in love with Cheryl, ignored her track record and been high-key furious when she was placed in the bottom for the make-over challenge. With something to prove, is she ready to snatch a win or is it just another week of doing mediocre?

Janey Jac

Original Season: Holland 1
Placement: 2nd
Previous Challenge Wins: 2
Instagram: Janeyjacke

So if you watched the Holland spin-off you’ll definitely Janey Jac, this queen was incredible throughout the full season and is a force to be reckoned with. With a vast range of skills under her belt, we’re super excited to see her returning to the competition and be introduced to a wider audience. Can she have another fantastic run and snatch the crown this time?


Original Season: Canada 1
Placement: 4th
Previous Challenge Wins: 1
Instagram: Jimbothedragclown

Real talk, Jimbo had one of the most iconic first episodes in drag race herstory from spinning around in a circle to crazy screaming on a fake mountain. Having made us laugh, served us drama and brought the fashion, we were honestly shook that our favourite clown didn’t reach the top. Could this be the dawning of Jimbo or is it back to the circus once more?


Original Seasons: US 2/AS 1/AS5
Placement: 3rd/3rd/runner-up
Previous Challenge Wins: 1
Instagram: Jujubeeonline

That’s right, we’re getting a fourth taste of Juju (fifth if we include queens of the universe) and we’re not mad about it. We’ve seen her doing pretty much everything by now, evolving through the years, but somehow she’s only bagged one challenge win. Is it finally time for this icon to have her crowing moment?


Original Season: Canada 1
Placement: 5th
Previous Challenge Wins: 2
Instagram: Lemongivesyoulife

The zest queen returns and she don’t mean to stunt, be she stuntin’ plenty. As an actress, dancer and straight up rapstress, we know there’s a lot that Lemon can bring to the table. After becoming a fan favourite it’s exciting to have her back. Will she get her top 3 redemption or will we be left with a sour taste in our mouths?

Monique Heart

Original Season: US 10/AS
Placement: 8th/Joint 2nd
Previous Challenge Wins: 3
Instagram: Iammoniqueheart

After her (brown cow) stunning appearance on all stars, the queen of narration is back once more. Monique truly does bring heart, drama and comedy to the show, then also backs it up with the skills and fashion to gag us. Whether or not she takes home the win, we can guarantee it’ll be a good time when she’s around.

Pangina Heals

Original Season: Thailand 1
Placement: Host/Judge
Previous Challenge Wins: 0
Instagram: Panginaheals

Oh you wanted a plot twist? We’re getting a host competing this season and that is a moment for the herstory books. It goes without saying that Pangina is a legend by her own rights (she did take on Ru’s role for the Thailand spin-off after all), but with such high expectations, will the pressure be too much when she’s competing? We can’t wait to see how this turns out!

Shall we have a little watch of meet the queens?

We don’t know about you, but we’re really excited about a cross-over season and expect a tasty mix of drama, fashion, fierceness and comedy. Start your engines……

Drag Race UK vs The World premiers 9pm February 1st on BBC Three and iPlayer

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