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Paris King: Movie Star

Credit: Dawn Marie Jones

Are you ready to meet a stunning movie star?

Paris King is a songwriter from North London and recalls a childhood surrounded by music. Her grandmother was a singer and her dad, a Jamaican, used to run a reggae label in London. Sadly, her father – who is now deceased – was reluctant to accept his son’s pursuit of drag, and for a long time, Paris didn’t think it was possible to mix black and LGBTQ cultures.

Today, Paris King exemplifies the chameleonic spirit of David Bowie, the flamboyance of Sylvester and the camp theatre of Boy George. With the release of ‘Movie Star’ and her upcoming EP, she is realizing her latest ambition: music.

Let’s get started shall we?

Meet Paris King

We had the chance to interview the lovely Paris to help you all get to know this icon just a little better, we hope you enjoy!

GURL: Hi Paris! For those who are yet to discover you, give us a little introduction?

Paris: Hello Everybody! My Name is Paris King and I am a performer singer and songwriter.

GURL: Where do you draw inspiration from for your drag?

Paris: Hmm well I try to be authentic to what I think works for me and my style. There are a lot of fabulous queens but i tend to steer clear of following trends. I’m a little punk rock in my personal taste I think.

GURL: How long have you been playing around with the make-up box?

Paris: A long time, I started when I was 16 and I’m now 37, so 21 years!

GURL: Have you got any recommendations for those just beginning their drag journey?

Paris: I would advise anyone starting to be authentic to themselves and their vision.

GURL: Was music always something you wanted to create?

Paris: 100% making music was and is my first love and that never leaves you. I love to make my listeners feel a connection to the music I create.

GURL: How have you found the reaction to your latest single “Movie Star” so far?

Paris: Really positive! I’ve had some amazing feedback as the song really makes you feel good and long may it last!

GURL: If you could work with any musician on a follow up single, who would be your first choice?

Paris: Hmmm! There are a lots but I would love to work with Timberland and Missy Elliott.

GURL: What are your plans for the future?

Paris: To keep connecting with people over my music, building my profile globally and to laugh along the way.

Credit: Dawn Marie Jones

The latest single

Well what can be said about “Movie Star”? Quit a lot actually!

With its wicked beat, synth vocals, and high energy pop sound, the feel-good track is about how everyone can be the star of their own movie. “Fame was once achieved by only a select few on the silver screen,” King explains. “Then came the age of sex tapes on camcorders when hot babes could become instant celebs. Now with everyone filming 24/7 and releasing content on social platforms, we can all be famous! It’s simply about finding your own way to shine.”

“Movie Star” was written by Paris King along with Damon Elliot (Beyonce, Pink, Nicole Scherzinger, Whitney Houston, Destiny’s Child, and Dionne Warwick) and Heather Bright (Britney Spears, Justin Bieber, and Far East Movement) – how Iconic is that?.

To appeal to different tastes and tempos, the remix package of “Movie Star” contains remixes of the song by Cahill, DTAG, Ogazumu and Liam Keegan. 

It goes without saying that we’d be straight to the dancefloor when that first beat hits, in fact, let’s have a little listen right to that Cahill & DTAG remix right now:

Support the Artist

Paris King’s “Movie Star” is being distributed globally through Dauman Music and is available on Apple Music, Spotify and all major platforms so don’t be shy, go listen to your heart’s content and embrace your inner diva.

Oh and don’t forget to show Paris some love on Instagram too!



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