Sugar Wood: Sweet and Sexy

As we’re writing this we’ve hit July, which means it’s finally time for hot queer Summer!

You know what we always fancy during summer?

Well initially the answer would be leaving the UK and heading somewhere with much better weather if we’re being entirely honest.

The other answer though comes in the form of a firm, long, sweet……..wait what were we talking about again?

Oh that’s right, popsicles!!!!

Now over here in the UK we’ve got our share of ice cream vans, some cute little dessert shops and parlours but we’ve made a discover worth of a trip to the US!

Sugar Wood in Manhattan is an inclusive, sex-positive dessert shop that is offering a delicious juicy treat for summer: phallus-shaped “Woody” popsicles.

Yes that’s right, a tasty dick on a stick!

These playful treats are made from real fruit purees, with no flavourings or colourings added and come in 4 super tasty flavours: strawberry, mango, lemon and piña colada.  

“The icy licks on sticks are perfect for hot summer days,” says owner of the iconic Sugar Wood shop, Austin Allan. 

As if that wasn’t fun enough, vulva-shaped “Kitty” popsicles are also available in piña colada (pineapple-coconut) flavour, so if you’re leaning more towards a good lick than a suck, they’ve got you covered both ways!

The popsicles are only the latest addition to Sugar Wood’, the dessert shop is actually best known for their “Woody” and “Kitty” waffles, available in traditional cinnamon, vanilla and vegan chocolate chip. Customers can then douse the waffles in six decadent sauces: milk chocolate, salted caramel, white chocolate, vegan hot fudge, strawberry chocolate or peanut butter – you hungry yet?.

We’re gonna leave a couple of pics here just to tease you…..

Meet the Owner

So who’s the creative mind behind the business?

Well it’s the very handsome Austin Allan, who worked with the Brooklyn based design duo (friends of his naturally), Guillermo Ovies and Sebastian Arguello to came up with the name Sugar Wood.  

Just FYI another of his close friend’s. Tom Smallwood, formerly of Magnolia Bakery (and past contestant on the Food Network’s Spring Baking Championship) consulted on Sugar Wood’s recipes so you know they’re delicious.  

“The idea for Sugar Wood came from traveling around the world,” Austin, who previously created the brand Tio Gazpacho, explains. “I saw penis-shaped baguettes in Paris, cookies in San Francisco, and wine bottles in Napa Valley and wanted to bring the craze to New York” – what a cute way to find inspiration.

Austin also says “Our intention is not to be vulgar or pornographic but to be silly, fun and light-hearted. We simply want to make people laugh and create a bright spot in their day or their trip to NYC” and we love that!

The Shop

Sugar Wood donates a portion of its monthly profits to the Phluid Phoundation, an organization that supports trans-led organizations and homeless queer youth at a global and grassroots level. This means you get to actively support a fantastic organization while enjoying some cheeky treats in the sun, what more could you want?

 For Pride month, Sugar Wood partnered with Wisp and donated 100% of profits from the month’s Kitty Popsicle sales to Abortion Freedom Fund, an organization that offers telehealth abortion services for women in states where access is being restricted or eliminated. The world needs more of this behaviour for real.

You can find Sugar Wood located at 157 Prince Street, open Wednesday – Sunday.

We don’t know about you, but we fancy a trip right away!

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