Tameko Star: Something Beautiful

You know what we really love?

A 90’s comeback moment!

What’s better than embracing nostalgia and bringing it forward into modern times?

Dance Sensation and Livin’ Joy’s Tameko Star recently returned to the music world with brand new single ‘Something Beautiful’, taken from her forthcoming EP and we’ve got the tea.

A Casual Reminder

Tameko came on the scene in the 90s and landed a deal with Undiscovered Recordings/MCA Records (which are now the legendary Universal Music Group) where she became the Eurodance artist known as Livin’ Joy – yes that Livin’ Joy! She subsequently wrote, recorded, and performed Top 10 global dance hits “Don’t Stop Movin’,” “Follow the Rules,” & “Where Can I Find Love” and sung a cover of 90s classic “Dreamer”.

In case you’ve somehow forgotten (yeah right), here’s a little reminder of the iconic “Don’t Stop Movin'” which you know fine well you were dancing too last weekend after a few cocktails with the gals.

While details of her EP have been kept on the low, Star has revealed what fans can expect from it and when both her next single and the body of work will be released.

“Fans can expect to hear a combination of the new Tameko Star mixed with a little bit of Livin’ Joy nostalgia. So far, It’s an eclectic mix of dance, pop & soul. I hope to have the EP released before the end of the year”.

Chatting about her upcoming single, Dive Deep, Star added: “This next single will speak to love, I did have a few love songs on the Livin’ Joy album, I had “Deep In You”, one of my favourite songs. It will be out soon.”

She also revealed what life was like as one of the biggest stars of the nineties, “It was crazy, it was a crazy time. Literally, you are on planes, trains and automobiles. Interviews, maybe 3, 4, 5 in a day then 3, 4, 5 shows in a night, maybe you had a show and then a club appearance at night. It was a whirlwind. With an audience, it’s such an exchange of love. It’s what I love to do.”

For those of you too young (or maybe even too old) to remember, Tameko performed alongside the likes of Peter Andre and The Spice Girls in the good old nineties, rocking Top Of The Pops appearances and slaying major festivals all around the world.

Interview with an icon

Naturally we requested a little chat with Tameko cos we love a 90’s legend, so without further ado – here’s something cute.

GURL: How has life been treating you since the world got to meet you the first time around? 

Tameko: Life has been treating me well! I can’t complain. I’ve continued my passion for music and entertainment by opening a talent development and production company, Star House Entertainers. I’ve also written and produced several shows, including an award-winning musical, Superstar Dreamz: LIVE! I have been truly blessed to do what I love, and seeing the impact my team and I have made on audiences and young, aspiring talent has been extremely rewarding!

GURL: Where did your inspiration to create music come from?

Tameko: I was truly inspired by witnessing the magic of Michael Jackson, the musical genius of Prince, the anointed vocal prowess of Whitney Houston, and Janet Jackson’s ability to dance her behind off! LOL! These phenomenal artists just wowed me! They made me want to create music of my own! I believe music speaks to the soul. If it’s good music, it can spark something inside of you. When I first heard the track for my single, “Something Beautiful,” it spoke to me. I was inspired to create something nostalgic, uplifting, something people would want to get up and dance to!

GURL: Your new single “Something Beautiful” has been released a fair while after the success of Livin’ Joy; what pushed you to make a triumphant return now?

Tameko: Well, I always knew I would return but once my company started to take off, I disappeared from the music scene to run it. During that time, someone else slipped in and took over the Livin’ Joy name and with it, my identity. Over time, I kept hearing from #Livinloyals, the beautiful fans of Livin’ Joy; they were reaching out to me via social media, asking what happened to me and why was this imposter going around as Livin’ Joy. The fans supported me and urged me to get back out there. After Livin’ Joy’s first iconic #1 hit, “Dreamer” by my sister-in-song, Janice Robinson, I came in and stamped my soul into Livin’ Joy. I sustained the brand, writing and creating an album that spawned three additional top-10 hits, “Don’t Stop Movin’,” “Follow the Rules,” and “Where I Find Love.” It’s a shame someone else is now benefiting from my work, from “our” work, but I’m back now to set the record straight!

GURL: If you had the chance to bring back another 90s icon to work with, who would you choose?

Tameko: Well, it couldn’t be just one icon. It would have to be a massive music collab with all the incredible dance Divas from the 90s! Can you picture all of us Queens united on a hot album full of saucy dance anthems reminiscent of the 90s but with some modern heat? It would be Epic!! I’ve already written the most perfect song, so I’m claiming it for 2024! 

GURL: Could you give us any hints about what the future holds? 

Tameko: Hmmmm… Let me pull out my crystal ball! LOL! I see Livin’ Joy’s Tameko Star releasing more hits from her highly anticipated and long-awaited EP. I see the re-introduction of her acclaimed musical production, Superstar Dreamz, hitting both stage and screen at a location near you, and I see Tameko Star reclaiming her rightful place, touring around the globe, performing her future hits as well as all of Livin’ Joy’s iconic dance anthems that we know and love! I’m putting this out into the Universe right now.

Sooooo it’s safe to say we’re super excited to see what Tameko does next, there’s so much fun, sass and modern nostalgia coming and we’re her for it.

The Latest Single

We won’t keep you waiting any longer, Tameko has already released a fantastic new single and you all need to hear it right here, right now.

Here is the wonderful video for “Something Beautiful”, which is so reminiscent of decades past that it feels like we’ve slipped right into a time machine!

Once you’ve done vibing along to this absolute bop, be sure to go show Tameko some love on Instagram!

See you in the club!